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Easy As 1, 2, 3

Mitzvah Gifts donates 100% of proceeds on Art Commissions to benefit regularly rotating, community-based charities & supports causes with a focus on education and environment. 

Giving Back and Getting Art - Easy As 1, 2, 3.

Choose Size

Pricing is determined by size and square foot. 

For Example:

2' x 3' = $600, 

3' x 4' is $1200,

4 x 5 = $2000 

regardless of style. 


Schedule a Meeting with Artist

Submit request form below.

Tanya will call to schedule a "meeting via zoom or in person if local, to discuss style and color palette. 


Tanya will never deliver art that she doesn't love or can't sell so if you dont LOVE it, you dont have to buy it.




*Proceeds calculated after final sale, all proceeds to be paid in check made out in name of previously vetted charity.       

Let's do good. Together.

- Request Info for Commission -

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Thank you for submitting your request. We will be in contact soon!

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