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Fundraising Easy As 1, 2, 3

Mitzvah Gifts donates 100% of proceeds on Art Commissions & all Retail to benefit regularly rotating, community-based charities and causes with a focus on education and environment. If you are a non profit or anyone that would like to raise money for your cause,  please reach out, its as easy as ...  1, 2, 3.



Include the date you would like to

        start & stop your fundraiser &    the Non-Profit    you would like to support. 


Send Email &

Tracking Code

Mitzvah Gifts will compose a personalized email for you to send to your contacts. A special code will be given for tracking .


Items to be delivered or shipped to one location for distribution. Profits will be dispersed at time of delivery. *

Distribute &

Collect Donation!


*Proceeds calculated after final sale, all proceeds to be paid in check made out in name of previously vetted charity or fundraiser.             

Let's do good. Together.

- Request Info to Fundraise -

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Thank you for submitting your request. We will be in contact soon!


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