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     mitz·vah   /mitsvə/    from Hebrew       
                 noun / A GOOD DEED /                     

Let's Do Good. Together.

Mitzvah Gifts was founded by Tanya Abel, a local San Diego artist with a desire to create positive change using her art. 
The need to do more for her community led Tanya to bring to action the concept of "full circle non-profit", enabling any charity to use the art based products to fundraise. This means that..
100% of profits go directly to charity!
With help from, we are committed to creating completely biodegradable products using non-toxic chemicals. We support an education to work program, uplifting our employees all over the world. 
Our goal is to inspire you through art and a sustainable lifestyle while incentivizing other charities to continue their good work.
Flower Drip
Tropical Leaves

Full Circle Non-Profit

Unique Pieces

Each unique piece of art is individually commissioned, and funds the creation of the Mitzvah Gift products.

Social Impact

Our manufacturing company supports an "education for work" program, uplifting people all around the world

Zero Waste Philosophy

Zero waste philosophy. All Mitzvah Gift items are biodegradable and made without the use of toxic chemicals.

100% Charity

All profits go directly to charity.

Yes, you read that right!

Talia in Poppy Stretch
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Let's Do Good. Together.

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